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Take me back to where it all started. Let me find that purity once again, the simplicity of just being. Peace and life before me. Rest well loved one, be clear as we travel back to the very beginning. AmbientNoise.Online creates relaxing womb sounds with heartbeat to help mask the outside world. Whether you are having trouble falling asleep or want to get your baby back to sleep, use these womb sounds with heartbeat.

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Womb Sound FAQ

Do womb sounds help babies sleep?

Womb sounds and white noise help to create a comfortable, womb-like environment to calm anxious infants.

How loud does it get in the womb?

The ambient sound that a baby can hear while in the womb reaches the decibel level of about 90 decibels. This is equivalent to the sound of a lawnmower.

Are womb sounds a white noise?

White noise typically means that the sounds are in a pretty consistent frequency. While not all womb sounds are white noise, the sound offers the same use case that can be used for noise blocking, tinnitus relief, and calming sounds for your baby and children.

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