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AmbientNoise.Online creates relaxing rain sounds to help mask the outside world. Whether you are having trouble falling asleep or just want to mimic the sounds of the peaceful and gentle rain, use these beautiful rain sounds. Relax your mind and body with these beautiful high quality raining noises that are perfect for relaxation, sleeping, or when you are trying to focus.

The calming rain sounds will automatically turn on with most browsers. If you are on mobile or some browsers, just click the blue play button and hear the continuous rain sounds. A better nights sleep has not been had as the rain comes down and deep REM is found.

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Frequently asked questions

Is it good to sleep with rain sounds?

Studies show that steady rainfall noises help the brain to fall asleep, blocking outside noises, and for tinnitus relief.

What is very light rain called?

Light rain is usually called a drizzle. The raindrops of a drizzle tend to be small and not very dense.

What is the sound of rain called?

Rain drops typically make a pitter-patter sound when they hit a surface.

What is the best rain sound app?

There are many rain sound apps to choose from. We have partnered with an app called Sleepy Head which provides high-quality rain sounds and many other white noises sounds to sleep, rest, and relax to.

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